About Us

Caution, read this before you buy

There are many backyard operators and businesses operating outside of the law in Australia. With every new purchase bought in Australia from a registered business, a tax receipt legally has to be offered. If you are denied a receipt by a business and told you don’t get a warranty this should set off alarm bells. It pays to check if a business is also registered.

Please read up on your rights as a consumer – Click Here

Why buy from us?

With us, you get a legitimate purchase with a tax receipt. As a legitimate purchase, you are covered under Australian Consumer Warranty laws. With us, you get the insurance that if something breaks as a result of a fault we are there to look after you.

We know our blasters inside and out. With a testing range, mod shop and experienced technician on site you can trust we know what we are doing whether it be a custom modification or a repair job.

We go above and beyond to look after our customers. This is our second business and we understand customers are the business. That is why we have implemented the same national multiple award-winning customer service to this business as we did our first.

The benefit of buying from a specialised gel blaster shop

If there is an issue with your blaster we can fix it for you on site as we have thousands of hours experience, modding and repairing.

Garage purchase – Will leave you high and dry when something breaks. No receipt equals no repairs.

Online purchase – This is by far the most unreliable and in some cases illegal means of buying. If you are buying from overseas chances are you risk huge fines and highly likely a seizure. Product testing for these blasters isn’t great. When or if you do get your purchase whether it be a blaster or mod part there is a high rate of faulty out of the box stock or a part not fitting. We do our own thorough testing so you don’t get a lemon.

If and when you get a faulty item or need a repair you don’t have anywhere to take it back too.