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EasyFET V2


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The easyFET V2 will require more space to install. Beginners may have difficulties installing into blasters with minimal space, such as the Gen 9 or Wells.

The easyFET V2 Mosfet would best fit into the following blasters:

Gen 8 M4A1, P90, Vector V2, AKM, SCAR V2, MP7, M249, SKD M4SS, UMP45, MP7

Simple, low-cost gelblaster mosfet. Tiny in size and simple to use. The Gelblaster mosfet takes the load off the trigger switch to prevent arcing and corrosion within the switch contacts.

What is a mosfet and why do I need one?

A mosfet is an electronic switch with no moving parts. Stock Gel Blasters use mechanical switches to provide power to the motor. Overtime, these switches can become worn out due to sparks occurring across the contacts of the mechanical switch. This can cause reliability issues and will eventually stop your switch from working due to high resistance between the contacts, or your switch melting from high current builds.

Installing a mosfet means you do not need to upgrade your st

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