HPA CNC M4 adapter kit hicapa+ shaker mag + single stack adapter + gas pistol magazine.


The motion-activated and modified metal M4 magazine runs off a rechargeable battery.
Simply taking a shot will activate the mag motor, constantly feeding up to 200 gels per m4 mag.
Included are mag shims, which will convert your magazine to single stacking.
This allows for a smooth constant and fast flow of gels.

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This is plug and play ready to roll.

-7075 CNC M4 mag adapter

-Carbon nylon mag release

-1 x double bell gas pistol mag

-1 x shaker mags

-1 x single stack adapter (to convert your pistol mag to single stack for improved feeding)



The end of low mag capacity is over. This precision-made beast will pump out up to 200 gels per M4 magazine.

Our CNC adapter has been designed and is being manufactured, right here in Queensland.

Made from true 7075 aircraft alloy. This high-end beast is plug and play.

The adapter has been flared out to protect the speed mag release from snags and accidental hits.

The bottom of the mag well is chamfered for faster reloads.

Our fittings also meet ISO standards.

PLEASE NOTE. When ordering please note the following.

The brand of mag you are using. We need to make magazine shims and the adapter bolt hole to suit.

What colour anodizing you would like. Red, magenta, black and gold are our main options.



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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